Mission & Vision

Spread the love of Jesus

The Mission

The mission of Sierra Vista United Methodist Church is to Spread the Love of Jesus.
We feel all Christians are called to share the love of Jesus in their homes, in the community, and around the world - with all people.  

The Vision

The vision of Sierra Vista United Methodist Church is create a community of authentic believers and to witness a city transformed by the life changing reality of the gospel, as people come to know Jesus as their lord and savior.
Sierra Vista UMC is active in Outreach ministries, especially concerning health and welfare. Goals include: reaching more people in the community and enlarging our online reach to spread the love of Jesus through our ministry opportunities; to help as many people as possible spiritually, socially, and and economically; to invite more people to worship and participate in church activities; and to help visitors become active in our church and ministries. We will continue to support the missions and ministries of the United Methodist Church through our apportionments, special designated offerings, and global disaster response efforts.  We will continue to support the health and welfare security of Cochise County residents through food, short-term financial aid, mobility aid, emotional support, education, and will help non-nationals and non-native English speakers and others develop competency for success in the community. We will continue to host Red Cross blood drives. We will continue to work with other congregations to offer ecumenical worship services and community activities.
The goal of nurture ministries is to deepen and strengthen faith in Jesus Christ, build the sense of community and caring, provide meaningful worship experiences, and extend care and connection to those who cannot attend worship due to illness, injury, transportation, or distance. We will expand our current Christian education opportunities and leverage off-site Christian formation opportunities. We will continue to provide meaningful, Bible-engaged Sunday morning and mid-week worship for both in-person and online worshipers, and recruit and train enough people to conduct worship, including to provide Lay Servants to lead worship at Mountain View Garden Retirement Community. We will increase first- and second-time visitation at in-person worship and retain more online visitors and worshippers. We will provide caregiving ministries to our shut-in constituents, persons suffering from illnesses or grief, and those celebrating special events. We will offer small group and life group opportunities to invite greater participation and nurture the faith and relationships of participants. We will raise sufficient funds to pay for all expenses, ministries, and apportionments, establish and follow policies that make good use of current resources, and adhere to policies that foster full transparency in our fiscal operations.
The witness ministries develop and strengthen evangelistic efforts of sharing Christian experience, faith, and service. Witness strengthens the spiritual body through the exchange of encouraging stories and messages from lay persons and events. We will keep congregants informed about the church and activities through various print and online media to include articles from the administrative committees and ministries of the church. We will train Lay Servants in various ministry areas and provide opportunities for Lay Servants to serve in those ministry areas.

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