Our Story

How it all started...

Sierra Vista United Methodist Church was first established in 1969. Reverend Antonio Flores planted the church and Reverend Ed Galyon was appointed as the first pastor from 1969 - 1975.  Located on Fry Boulevard at Coronado (where the Walgreen's is today), the church served the growing community of Sierra Vista. As the community grew, the church moved to its current location on Buffalo Soldier Trail and St. Andrews Drive in 1984. Reverend Bob Peale (1982 - 1990) was instrumental in building the new campus. His father-in-law, Mr. A. J. Howland was the general contractor and helped fund the first two buildings (the Howland-Johns Fellowship Hall and the Education wing), along with generous contributions from Mr. Bill Johns and the United Methodist Women. 

Expanding the vision...

Under the leadership of Reverend J. David Barkley (1990 - 1999), Sierra Vista UMC began new ministries to serve the community, including Good Neighbor Alliance (1993) and Volunteer Interfaith Caregiving Program (VICaP, 1992), Village Christian Preschool (1993), Helping Hands Tutoring (1998), and more. The church experienced growth and had a lasting impact in the community. 

Where we are headed...

COVID-19 changed the world and Sierra Vista UMC kept pace, adding online worship to the four in-person worship service opportunities. We have made plans to be able to offer Bible studies and group meetings online in addition to our services, connecting our worship services to retirement centers and other area venues, and starting new ministries to help others in our community. 

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together Sundays at 7:30 a.m., 9:00 a.m., or  11:00 a.m. or Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. Choose which ministries are meaningful to you and join in the mission to Spread the Love of Jesus
Our Previous Pastors:
1968-1969           Rev. Antonio Flores
1969-1975            Rev. Ed Galyon (Marilyn)
1975-1982            Rev. Robert Staup
1982-1990           Rev. Robert Peale (Hope)
1990-1999           Rev. J. David Barkley (Toni)
1999-2005           Rev. Stewart Lewis (Linda)
2002-2007          Rev. Jeanne Festa 
2005-2013           Rev. Dr. Peter Vaught (Carrie)
2007-2008          (Rev.) MaryLou Adame 
2008-2009          (Rev.) Alicia Tomkus 
2013-2017            Rev. Mark Conrad (Nina)
2016-2017            (Rev.) Efrain Zavala 
2017-2020           Rev. Matthew Ashley (Felida)
2020-                     Rev. Carl Peterson (Bonnie)
*italics indicate an Associate Pastor; (name) = spouse; (Rev.) indicates the pastor was in provisional status (not yet ordained an Elder).