Carol's Chorale 2

Carol’s Chorale 2 Set Aside Prayer:
God, I ask that you would help me set aside everything I think I know about You, others, the world, and myself, for an open mind about You, others, the world and myself. Amen Today’s blog is about how GREAT God is. Early in my life, my view of God was everything negative, nothing good, much less Great. Through the years, I had acquired misbeliefs that I had heard and accepted as truth. Some of my beliefs were that God was mean, judgmental, arrogant, and opinionated. Thankfully, my thinking about God has been rearranged. This happened after some research, honest self-examination, prayer and meditation, and several 2 x 4 experiences—the kind where I’m smacked up the side of my head and I finally get it. I’m grateful that my concept of God has changed. I’m grateful that my concept of God can be what it is, and, that God will change my concepts as needed so I believe in truth. Changing my thinking from misbeliefs to truth has been and still is a process for me. Today, I know that it was me who was mean-spirited, judgmental, arrogant, and quite opinionated about God. Some of my beliefs about God now are that He is Kind, Accepting, and Humble, and since He created me and knows my true self, He lovingly shares His opinions with me as I read and study His Holy Word. I believe with all my heart that God is GREAT because He has given me truth and His Truth has, positively, set me free! God proves His greatness every day in almost everything I see, like a beautiful sunrise or sunset, a hummingbird flitting from flower to flower, that I woke up sober today, or maybe my great granddaughter as she smiles at me and sweetly says, “Thank you!… Would You be Willing… Have you thought about how Great God is or that you may have some misbeliefs about God? Would you be willing to take one moment and either focus on God as a Great God or challenge some old misbeliefs about God that could be rearranged? All praise, honor, and glory to God my GREAT Savior!

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